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Gangsta Walkin Bio

GangstaWalkin is a dance that was created in the mid 80’s by neighborhood Gangsta’s and Dope Boys in the streets of Memphis,TN. This dance went from a basic line dance with the help of the Memphis underground music sound created a “Get Buck” energy that gave the dance its signified style creating a new bread of street dance . By the early 90’s the dance had taken a different spin off from the line dance into individuals and became more challenging and entertaining mostly night clubs,house parties and school dance.It 1st went mainstream in the early 90’s when Mc Hammer featured the GangstaWalk in his hit song/video (To Letgit To Quit) and (G-Style) were the 1st groundbreaking artists out of Memphis to display it on an mainstream scale and there were many other GangstaWalkers like (Jaquency) who has a very big impact on inspiring the dance culture with his VHS tape and it was the most studied blueprint of the art of the street and became a standard along with many other like Kewan and a list of legends that made it possible on paving the way for the Memphis dance known as (Buckin,Jookin,Choppin) to be birth from the GangstaWalk....

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